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Thursday, July 10, 2008


by JP

Still remember recognise these fools ? (Oops.... sorry, i've said my english is poor, should be [folks])

and remember or recognise these folks ?
Alberto Ken'ya Fujimori
(Japanese name: Ken'ya Fujimori 藤森 謙也, Fujimori Ken'ya)

45th President of Peru (July 28, 1990 to November 17, 2000.)
ENDup like this: run here & there ……
little touch:
In 1990, an unknown candidate named Alberto Fujimori rode a wave of popular support to become the president of Peru. He fought an all-out war on terror against the guerilla organization Shining Path, and won. Ten years later, accused of kidnapping, murder and corruption, he fled Peru to Japan, where he was in exile for four years.


6th President of the Third Republic of the Philippines
ENDup like this: died with guilty body ……….
little touch :
By 1983 Marcos health was beginning to fall, and opposition to his rule was growing. …
Marcos fled the country on February 25, 1986 at United States urging, and went into exile in Hawaii, USA. …
Marcos and his wife were subsequently indicted by the U.S. government on racketeering charges. …

Declared as king of west China in 202BCE
ENDup like this: killed himself
little touch :
By 202 BCE Xiang Yu's luck in war had turned. Revolts among the vassals on his own territory kept him from annihilating Liu Bang's troops completely. …
… Being well aware that a large reward was being offered for his head, he took a knife and killed himself. Xiang Yu was dead at the age of 30, the year was 202 BCE.

西楚霸王 - 项羽

Qin Shihuang

Emperor Qin Shihuang (also called the First Emperor of China) was the founder of the FIRST unified empire in the history of China. He established an autocratic state with centralized power over the feudal society.

Most of these died murdered, killed assassinated, killed cut throat themselves, jailed or died not peacefully which left their family to suffered what they'd buried.
In Bahasa, we said "tanam padi dapat beras, tanam ubi dapat kentang".

This is happened to almost every falling-dwon ruler, from the past to present day.
Once you step-in to be politician, you are hungering and struggling for climb to the TOP. To be a President, Prime Minister of a country; if can not, at least be a president or chairman of ruling party; if can not, at least be a president or chairman of a running-dog party of ruling alliance; if can not, at least be a president or chairman of opposition party; if can not, …..and so and so.
See how you WORK HARD for these. Unfortunately, not everybody can be THE ONE, so then you try HUMBLE down yourself to be the 2nd. , 3rd ; or even just a committee member which there you need a very HUMBLE heart to serve your master till you become COWARD !!


Or, even one day you become THE ONE, but still you will fall down (or step down in polite way) , then your shit which you left would be cleared COVERED or UNcovered (exposed la) by your successor or THE ONE who kick you down. AWARE of this.

This is happened even in any sector, not just politic but so as your company (place to earn your income or struggle for power, hunger for esteem or humble to be DOG-dog. So, why you need to act like you are invincible. One day you will fall down too, then how will you look like? See..

and these are the star of present day,

== "sotong" star ==
what's ending would you think they will have??

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