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Friday, July 11, 2008

Don't Be FOOLED !!

by JP


The Anti-Corruption Agency has been granted full prosecution powers which will allow the agency to open a case and proceed with it until the matter is brought before the court. …
by malaysiakini.com Jul 11, 08 11:00am

Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) has summoned inspector-general of police Musa Hassan and attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail for questioning on the allegation that they were involved in fabricating evidence in former deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim's black eye incident. …
by malaysiakini.com Andrew Ong Jul 11, 08 8:49am

People start talking about this the recent “wayang” which trying to make us believe that the government is really firm changing to recover trusts from the rakyat.

With somebody I heard said that,
“you see, first they said they would summoned that 2 top gun for questioning. Then (after pressured, maybe), they said they have been granted full prosecution power…”
“you think they are really going to prosecute that 2 top gun at the end ? I don’t think so…”
“just like a well-rich respectful family, a father got more than 10 sons. Two of his son had been exposed to suspiciously suspect committing a conspiracy to slam-off their elder brother, what would the father do?
option 1. he would try hard to find out evidence, if proved, (even if his neighbour knew little and little) he would scold up and penalize them without letting the outsider knew that he had found evidence to prove them guilty and scolded penalized his sons. OR
option 2. he would try hard to find out evidence, if proved, (even if his neighbour knew little and little), he would still cover up the evidence due to the father thought that their elder brother was really a NUT and USELESS. This is NOT in any moment - to protect his two sons but to protect his family reputation and fame!!”
“so, at the end of investigation and interrogation, nobody would be found guilty. see?”

But I think differently. This time, my sense told me that there would be somebody jailed just like Rahim Noor.

In the other hand, if we think logically, would anybody reluctant to be jailed if he have been appointed as Top Seat to-do-so a dirty-job.?? Further, .. I’m still think that Anwar do not have a firm solid hard evidence to prove that the twos was guilty. ya… he had expose out the case and filed a police report, but all these were only the tail following the accusations of sodomy Saiful. This was just to blind-up our view to round-up his said that his foe was act faster than him to expose crime amongst themselves.
So, at the end of the day, nobody will be found guilty.

chooi mei ?

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zorro said...

Jeff, I have my doubts too. Who authorised this drastic independence of the ACA. However, we watch....but not too patiently.

We create awareness, you may do so by just sharing this with everyone you know ~..~

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