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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Investor or Wolf coming to Selangor ?

Below article - [雪州民联政府 - 招商]was written in Mandarin.

It's an alert to Selangor state people to aware that our state EXCO- Puan Teresa Kok's effort in bringing in foreign investors. Why said [alert] ? Because the investors she brought in was a group of [Risk Management] syndicate, whereas this (in my perception) was a group of syndicate tending to bring out nation 's money (capital) but not bringing in foreigner's money (capital) !!

What a dangerous she had caused to adding salt into scars where at this stage our nation are so desperate needing investors to create more opportunity !!

YB Kok, so what say you this time ?


Anonymous said...

so what?
you dont like?
go other bn state la, bodoh.

Anonymous said...

Actually did she knew or she intentionally brought them in?

We shouldn't let one person mistake to affect the whole pakatan. We should condemn if without explanation!


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