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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat & JP .....part I

by { JP }

How should I starting to write this…
This all was an echo following my correspondence experiences with our beloved, voted and respectful(ED) (in bahasa - Yang pernah Berhormat) state assemblymen (ADUN - Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri). I don’t hope that any of you as my precious reader to having this whenever you’re encountering any complaint or constrained situation where you need a favour from your voted people’s representative (so called the ADUN).

To make this short, actually it’s not, lets me brief you what was going on > > >

July 01, 2009 WED - I visited housing area in Tmn Sri Sentosa, Klang.

Findings: 1. Drainage system failure; 2. High risk accidental T-junction.

I drew out a road map indicating the high risk T-Junction and wrote detailing in my blog > http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2009/07/klang-tiger-mouth-swallowing-life.html with hoping to get attention and then solution from authority board.

July 03 FRI - I asked YB Charles Santiago (VOTED Member of Parliament for Klang). In his Facebook, I wrote
Besides notified him about a suggestion to prevent accident in the high risk T-Junction,
{ .....
YB, one more issue:
The "longkang" drainage in Tman Seri Sentosa was cleaned out the last time before election last year.
Now its had been abandoned for whole year!
And mosquitos biten children !!
So please do something, YB. July 3 at 3:10pm • } -

July 05 SUN - YB Charles responded in his Facebook's with this >
{Charles Santiago
Dear Jeff -- please send me more info on the drainage situation in Taman Sri Sentosa. where specifically is the problem. July 5 at 3:42am }

With heart of grateful (way to catch solution), I replied >
Dear YB,
the longkang in front of single storey link house all blocked !
Water inside not moving..
Expecially in Lorong Dato Abdul Hamid ..
Kindly send people to check....
btw, i may able to photo shoot some photos for your reference. but if you able to take immediate action before that, so much appreciated, YB

JP July 5 at 3:48am • }

.....to be continued at 7am today

comment section will be at the finale part which will be launched at 9pm (after Primetime news) today.

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