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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat & JP .....part III

by { JP }

(continued from part II)
Sara: “Oh.. (ya) ….but that area is under another ADUN. The (Keadilan) Dr. Xavier. You call him.

(My God! Now only she’s saying this, after all my photo shot postings and correspondences in Charles Santiago Facebook…)

JP: “ok. What number I should call?”
Sara: “wait….call this 03-XXXX 4595 the ADUN office”. Phone hangs up (without HER hesitating).

I called the 03 without hesitating too. After several times trying, then got through. They gave me another number to call due to their fixed line problem (phone line disruption).

What the hell? Couldn’t they fix their line? This reminds me when I needed to call certain authority board the time we was having BN’s governance. Let me know whoever able to call through the 1800 JPJ complaint-number pasted on every registered lorry? I thought Pakatan should be better in handling this.

Call to SUK office – 03-XXXX 7306” The one in the ADUN office told.
By the way, who can tell what the hell is this [SUK] means for? (please la, I am just an ordinary citizen - who have voted for yours)

Then I called and they gave me another number (again) 019-XXX 7246 to call their “action-taking / task force” guy – Mr Raju. She said this guy will HELP.
(Actually, who is HELPING who? I scratching my head. In this type of public concern issue, I’m forwarding them this piece of “recipe” which they might getting well political mileage if they settling the complaint (off course, by calling whole gang of reporters to publish in news media);

(but sigh and damned they behaved like we supposed to beg them for clearing help!)
I, as not a resident that area but just coincidental discovered that sucking drains, was eagerly to forward this issue to respectful people’s representative (state government) for unnecessary rising of serious matter (likes dengue death); but this folk of "arrogantist" just keeping their arrogant with showing their moron attitude acting like “superman”!

(My goodness) ok, fine. Nonetheless, it’s half way now…so, I ticked on my phone again. What would happened if I just cut saving my phone bill here ? Would these arrogantist inform their Pakatan’s counterpart ? Aren’t they in the same coalition governing the state?
I ticked on my phone again with dialing that given number (019-XXXX 7246) >
JP: “Hello, Mr Raju ?”
Raju: “Yes
JP: “It’s regarding ….bla..bla..bla (the same sentence I had repeated for many times)”
JP: “…and there are some photos shot pasted in this blog at > http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2009/07/by-jp-these-are-sick-drains-longkang-in.html indicating clearly which streets having drain failure problem
Raju: “ok. We will send people to check.”
JP: “Thank you very much, Mr Raju.” still with my heart of grateful after his PKR’s type of soft talk.
By the way, you are Dr. Xavier’s ….. ?”

.....to be continued at 11am today

comment section will be at the finale part which will be launched at 9pm (after Primetime news) today.

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