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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat & JP .....part II

by { JP }

(continued from part 1)
After being waited day after days and worrying about the mosquitoes growth in thousands which sting children, and there was none of any more response by YB Charles.

July 20, 2009 MON - I pasted tens of photos with each clearly showing blocked drains and with clear indication of streets’ name in a blogsite >

Further to this, I notified YB Charles (in Facebook) at the same time>
{..YB Tuan Charles,
......with according to our previous conversation onTmn Seri Sentosa issues, here is photos showing the sucked "longkang".
(anyway, only one piece of photos allowed in FB, for further more of these sucked, go to my blog at http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/)
btw, I thought you 'd already sent people to work out somethings on this, seem ... umm, photos showed. Please further your action, YB as mosquitoes multiple increased with this sick situation. Appreciate very much
. July 20 at 12:34am • }

Besides pasting photos at the blog (http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2009/07/by-jp-these-are-sick-drains-longkang-in.html) to notice YB Charles, this time I decided to call to his phone to notice him verbally in order to find out why there was no response, as my worries goes on with the stinging children mosquitoes. Dengue ? H1N1 ? He cares or not ?? !

I rang to YB Charles (016-XXX 7797) at around 8pm the same few day.
A lady named herself [Sara] answered.
JP: “Hello, Is this YB Charles around?
Sara: “I am assistant to YB, Sara here
JP: “Miss, this is regarding a public concern issue in Tmn Sri Sentosa, Klang..”
(without clearly acceptance of my complaint) This quick-react lady answered: “Would you mind to call back tomorrow in the office hour? It’s after office hour already.
.....well, I was tending to throw her back this (CAN I SAY I MIND)
but I didn’t and answered politely: “Thank you, Miss. Then I will call you again tomorrow.” The phone hung up!

Afternoon on the next day – I called again the 016-XXX 7797.
JP: “Regarding my yesterday call about the issue in Tmn Sri Sentosa. Drains system failure. Mosquitoes grow a lot with biting children…..”
Sara: “Oh.. (ya) ….but that area is under another ADUN. The (Keadilan) Dr. Xavier. You call him.
(My God! Now only she’s saying this, after all my photo shot postings and correspondences in Charles Santiago Facebook…)

.....to be continued at 9am today

comment section will be at the finale part which will be launched at 9pm (after Primetime news) today.

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