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Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Reel Of Defection (part II)

by Jeff Phoon

Malaysiakini today reported that the Former Federal Territory (Wilayah Persekutuan) Gerakan chief Dr Tan Kee Kwong says race-based parties are no longer relevant and that joining multi-racial PKR was a breath of fresh air.

Besides, from other sources of news media also reported that many leaders from Pemuda Gerakan PGRM (Party Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia - youth team) are threatening to pull out from Barisan Nasional (the current ruling party) if Ahmad Ismail (the one who alleged of creating the recent hot racist issue) refuse to apology !

Not just the PGRM will pull-out, Malaysiakini (Mandarin version) and TV news also reported that leaders from the MCA (another alliance in the BN) Youth will doing so if that Ahmad Ismail refuse to apology !!

This is really going to be countdown to stepdown for the ruling alliance, for their ignorance of realising the fact that racist issue is a real crack in BN !!

One usual thought of most us is that when there is any party defect against BN then they will absolutely join Anwar's coalition - Pakatan Rakyat. It 's this the only way they can head on ?

Had those who joined PKR or going to defect individual (or party) think, really think of other option beside heading, ya use their head on to join with Anwar's ?

Why can't they (these MCA and PGRM) pull out from BN and finally form another NEW coalition which is not pro-BN and pro-Anwar ?

These individual (or party) who hearted-to-defect in whatsover reason they are having in their own heart (we know that they used up this current issue, but dep inside their own intention mgith be different), do they really consent with Anwar's agenda in forming the new government ? Do they really compromise their (party) ideology with the coalition of Pakatan Rakyat ? Do they really support Anwar ?

If the answer is NOT ! Then why can't they stead on their (party) ideology and be a fresh power instead of joining Pakatan Rakyat ?

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Antares said...

Psssst... hey 3rd Party... wanna buy some insurance? What are you gonna do on Sept 17th when Malaysia toasts Anwar as our 6th PM?

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