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Sunday, March 1, 2009

none Hypocrite vs Hypnotic

show of integrity - Nizar (respect), Elizabeth Wong (karma), Anwar , Malaysiakini
by { JP }

I have been totally fucked upside down by readers around after my posting of [The AS Ministers - Sex House].

"You are Asshole" ;

"...Nazi! Bastard hell waiting for you !!"

"Fuxk you too...idiot" and lots more....

Its seems that most of the readers still perceiving that I am anti-to-your-wat-wat-leader-de-fxoxox ! ANTI-NIAMAH FU-LUCT !!!

How much of times it will need to wake these sleeping hypnotised up ? I'm wondering what have making them thought that anything goes against their favourite (leaders), they fucked ! Any pin-point of their weakness, they fucked ! Anything not in favour to them, they fucked too! Mother Fucker...

Why don't all of them all go and fuck themselves rather than reading my piece of expression ? !! Then only come back with their sticky fingers to type on jp3rdparty.blogspot.com again with cooled down heart and digest what I've written here !

Are you a member of Barisan Nasional?
No. I am not.

Have you written anything to pursuit your readers to join Barisan Nasional ?
No! I have not.

Did you getting paid by Barisan Nasional to write these ?
No! I did not.

I am neither a member of PGRM, MCA nor any other component party of Barisan Nasional. In fact, I intended to join PKR before the last general election ! Shocked ?
Just like many of you out there, arousing aromatically actions, speeches and """ leaders encouranging us to support them ! But why I didn't join, finally ? It's very simple and sounded silly, when I called up to their Hq to get the closer area division's phone number for contacting (to join party), the arrogant answered "shit" to me ! Then I emailed to them (via their website), stood no reply after that. It's truth ! Bit of hard feeling then. Finally (but luckily for now) I did not join PKR !

Then weeks before the last election, I was still heart-string to support Pakatan coalition. This was proven when I was driving all way back from work and picking up my wife to go for the Pakatan's speech at Tmn Tun. And absolutely after lots more of their excellant speakers given their well arousen speeches, the DAP won his first time in Segambut (adjacent to Kepong)'s parliamentary seat.

What had happened after that is what we all seen now ... one day I will find a piece of time describing furthers of it.
But now the more important thing is that I had to record down what I believe.
Most of the time, things that I had analysed did come trues, its more to accuracy. And I have to put this in record as it's important to notice those sleeping inhabitants, even myself sometimes.
So don't ever call me as a "sniper" or paid-whore by Barisan Nasional, for the reason is very simple. Here you can read my simple English writings and they need no to pay for a low English literature person to write according to what they want !

And still I am not even a hyprocrite blogger, where its seems that little effort can make us extra incomes if we just write more and more favour to Pakatan and especially favour to Anwar Ibrahim. Look at ......(see how much of advertisements' earnings they're getting), they are all deifying their favourites and thus popularity created there. You think I don't aware of this ? Look at the polls bottom and its shows that majority 77% of the readers around are in favour to Anwar (a poll casted within last August and September, before 916). So, means if I have written to deify on Anwar, then this weblog should have a good chance to become popular too, and earning extra from advertisement hung out here. But I didn't ! I am not a hyprocrite!! Fact is fact. Right is right and black is always dark no matter how we mix it with other color !!


sakaina said...

You are free to have your opinions. What people hate is is one when hateful elements driven by cynicism, jealousy, tribal rancour or business interests hides behind morality issues and tears into others and pretends that the people don't get his/her coded message that's laced with venom and hate. Or that the people can't read between the lines and realise what party he/she supports. Otherwise no one is begging you to belong to any party. It is your choice and no one has demanded that you tell them whether you wanted to join PKR, PAS, DAP UMNO or otherwise. That itself is telling. You uncovering yourself boy.

Shamsul Talib said...

Dont worry jp, keep on your good work here to wake them up.

Times cure .....and proove.

Atom Nono said...

They will taste their own cakeshit once they succeed to push up the monster there. then only they will realised this dickhead worse than his predecessor, and it can be undone !
so they allllll fuck themselves one more time !!

keep up your good work, there will be some appreciate on what you have remind them !

Chow MK said...

hey bro, have you ever seen "peanuts" sent to your house?
wata big deal here?
even more awful had seen. need no to worry. carry on....

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