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Friday, February 27, 2009

The AS Ministers - Sex House PART II

show of integrity - Nizar (respect), Elizabeth Wong (karma), Anwar , Malaysiakini
by { JP }

Before I continue to write on the part II, I had a glass of two with my Guru (a 60's grandfather) yesterday night.

I've told him that I've written an article titled "Sex" but contained none sex related. And he reminded me NOT to write anything which adding more negative points onto this country as its already been tarnished by lots of negative news and rumours !

"You only do that when they really have stand up on the stage (form the new government) and particularly when they have implemented any faulty or improper policy !" He Added.

My Guru got his point, and I had to agreed with him then.

....Its really make me fall in dilemma to either write or don't.
The reason why I'm in dilemma now is very simple, three words "I love Malaysia"

I Love Malaysia
While few of my richer friends' family had already migrated to overseas and few are planning to migrate their whole family too, I am still working day and night just to grab a piece of rice to full my family.
The reason of many Chinese families tending to migrate overseas could be various in type; but the actual reason behind could be concluded as ones as "unfairness" in this country !
While my richer friend advise me to plan for migration, I just laughed. Not like them, they are billionaires but I'm a millionhairs, just that simple!
So I got no other choice but to work very hard and have to love this country; a place where I'm staying here, and my family staying here as well !

I don't want my relative in China laughing at me "Err, why your country look more corrupted ?" one day;
I don't want my relative in States laughing at me "Uncle, why your country seemed so unfairness? " ;
and I don't want others in Europe laughing at me "Fuck, your country look more alike Sex and Sin City than us !?"

Hmm...This is my country, I don't want these jokepiece now or not in anytime in the future!
I love Malaysia.

I belong to Malaysia, and Malaysia belong to all of us !
So, I got a conclusion-to further write on to the unfairness.
To prevent the hyprocrites for climbing up to stage.
We just can't afford anymore to "wait til they go up, then only critise for their faulty".
We can't afford for they will definately ruin this country worst than ever!
Once they had successfully go up stage and growing in power, "do you still think that its easy to drop them down if they are alike the previous ?"
We will take more than double of 50 years to drag them down then, believe me!

Don't take this risk! If yes is our answer to change the government, look for other option ! But never try them !
I had trusted on them and fucking stupidly voted for them then, but if we really think deeply,
"this is what we want today ?" So never trust them again!

After the advice of my Guru(none related to political field), my typing as the following will be in moderate way..

This country will soon raise up with AS Ministers ... (if my analytical is correct)

The shortform word {AS} could be misinterpreted by some as "Amerika Syarikat" (United State in Malay translation). Perhaps we could really read it as "Amerika Syarikat" (AS). The 916 Anwar 's topple plan had failed out but in particularly if we meant it didn't materialise on that given date. But we all know this great man named Anwar Ibrahim would never never give up his great ambition to grab for the the "Dragon Seat" in Putra Jaya ! When time comes, and if his plan work out as his will, then he should one day become this country Prime Minister. I am NOT here talking about whether he shall be the 6th or 7th PM who come after Najib, but I am here to note down the most important part where sometimes we might have forgotten !

In fact, the shortform word {AS} here carried a different meaning !
ALL-SEX Ministers in the Sex House!

I hate to drilling back on past incidents. Especially if its carrying a hidden plot !
Dr Chua Soi Lek 's sex scandal happened one year ago. The tape circulated have been viewed and investigated! But no case then , why now ?
The answer is simple, "Plot !"

It's just depend on how we look onto this issue, again.
Lots might have hardcorely pinpointed their finger to Ong Tee Keat! He is the one who's being "barking" by Dr. Chua most of this time (after Dr. Chua been elected as MCA Deputy President/Chairman)!
So Ong carried the motive to drag down Chua again by drilling back the past incident.
Right, Ong could said "Why we need to protect crimes ?" now when things floating up surface; but 1 year back then ? sounded like you had protected him for the past one year ! ? ?

In fact, both of them are mature adults who carries tonnes of hopes by your group of ethic-Malaysian Chinese and is it weird or logically that they are "fired" publicly against each other ?
It's normal to have arguements; but if its done openly and publicly ? Hmm...

The only reason to explain onto their behaviour in such a way could be they are both plotting for something, they might be not plot against each other but plotted together in way to achieve a same goal !!

...to be continued

Best part picked from Part I
VTTI Very Tough & Tension In-moral
If that facts are truth, then its could given another strong reason to
why Anwar acted terribly mistake when the poor poor Perak state and MB Nizar was toppled by Barisan Nasional !
When a person could never cool down himself in making good analytical, he surely made wrong decision. Toughing times as [
phones ringing, emails, faxes, voice-transmitting through right-hand-men keep on making him like drilling hole at floor !] Tensions arisen made him lost his talented judgement and leading to the falls of PAS-DAP-PKR Pakatan government in Perak !

Still couldn't find Elizabeth Wong here ? go fuck yourself !!

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