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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The PLOT - part 2.Cheering Night

by { JP }

(PART 2) continued from the 1st part which had been link-listed by Malaysiakini

The victory made everybody in the club felt a comfortable way after fighting for the last 6 months.
While all players were toasting for our coach, Sir Aaron Ighram who had been awarded the Monthly Manager (Best Club Manager in a particular month) early on that cheering night, almost everybody hanged out !
Rodriguez illinois was there who had been hat-trick assisted in goals and scored ones in the "giant killer crash" early, he was going all way out to be cheered by his teammates and hanged out with Scotch Whisky; Edward
Wardolf was there, the most hotpicked for the Golden Boot Award who had scored 25 goals so far but he seemed little bit mind disturbing and degusting his glass of wine quietly with smokes clouded round his head; and Adam Alex was there too. Adam was chasing hard for more scores in every games to overcut his own teamate to topple the Best Scorer Table desperately and he was squinting at Edward for the whole night like angered due Edward didn't pass him the sure-scored's ball in the match early.
The Club's Regional Business Director, Sir Khind Ighram was there too tasting his flavorful cigar together with the Manager, Sir Aaron. The others like Michael Osram Michael Jack (Centre Midfield) and Jamie Morin Roxi (BackWing) who have been sidelined for months after injury also there to join in the joyful night ...

After midnight, people starting hanged out from heavy drunk, some started pulling their heavy legs out to car pouch; but there were still others like Rodriguez, Adam, the two injureds, Osram and Jamie, and few from Youth Team, with the lesser drinker on that night - Edward still fresh looking.

"Guys, we are going for second round at the Clubz near Bazzaar, join us? ", asked by Adam who was walking abreast with Rodriguez.

"Ok! But I can't drink more due to my legs" said Osram pointed to his halt leg, Jamie nodded.

"Edward, you ?" asked the second best scorer, Adam.

"Nope, too much making my bird can't fly later! You guys have fun." Waving goodbye, Edward pointed to his private part.

"Can three of us join you guys ?" asked the three youngsters from Youth Team.

"Come, Adam will pay for the bill tonight !" Rodriguez pointed to Adam who snap on showing his center fingers.

"hooray !" the youngsters cheers. Off course they cheering, the pays of Youth Team players were many times lower than their senior.

They head toward the next stop, where a plot started up soon ...

While walking inside to a designated VIP room, suprisingly they saw some United players and Sir Anthony Brickman, the United Club's Manager were sitting there too!

.....to be continued

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