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Friday, February 13, 2009

Congrats to Datuk Chang Ko Youn !

by { JP } Congrats to Datuk Chang Ko Youn (PGRM Deputy Chairman and Perak Chief) who had been appointed as one of three Adviser to the "the said" new Perak Menteri Besar.
The status of this Adviser 's post sharing the similar term (perks) as an state EXCO member. (as reported by Malaysiakini -Mandarin version). In other word, Datuk Chang is one the very less non-bumi EXCO of the new Barisan Perak state government, at least at this moment!

With my memory still in flatting in August last year while the PGRM 's party election, this "great" Datuk Chang claimed his clear stand urging to pull out from Barisan with 80% of the delegates agreed with the pulling-out issue ! He stated that "We still see politicians playing race and religious issues and this is not good for the country".....

Oh! I see now. There are no more playing race and religious issues now!
And no wonder this "great" Datuk outrange his buddies in Gerakan by standing his support to the recent Perak 's defection! As stated in another news at Malaysiakini early - [不过,民政党全国署理主席郑可扬却拥有不同的意见,他认为,尽管民政党更愿接受一个新的选举,惟考虑到当前的经济状况,民政党不愿加重人民负担,因此欢迎霹州政权变天。] translated as .."but, the Gerakan Deputy Chairman Chang had a clearly different opinion. He thought even the Gerakan rather to prefer a new election; with considerated the current economic status, to tougher the people 's burden is not Gerakan wills ! So he support Perak government toppled" !
With almost every of your buddies in Gerakan objected this toppling, you support to it ! You are brilliant !!

Well ,,..well well , Datuk well said ! First he said "Gerakan (his own party) rather to prefer a new election", then he said "to tougher the people 's burden is not Gerakan wills" ! Tell us the truth, Datuk ! If a snap state election to be conducted, people won't surfer a lot, I believed! But your political party and expecially you as the state Chief will definately have to spend a lot ! Right ? Correct me if I am wrong !

Its seems that there is really got "FREE MEAL" in this world! {You'd given us hope!}
Anyway, he managed to grab his EXCO post at his state!

*Congrats again to you, Datuk Chang*

P/S : Try your very hard NOT to be a Race Traitor, as your post (Datuk Chang Ko Youn-Adviser for Chinese Affairs) in Tiger's Cage is very much needed!


CK said...

JP, you know a Chinese sounded "忍辱负重“ ?


MK Chow said...

Politician always brought us hope and leading us to hell thereafter.

PGRM and PKR are similar with their front letter started with letter "P".

They were extreeemly tooo goood in speech, but come to reality in action, you got it ?

We create awareness, you may do so by just sharing this with everyone you know ~..~

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