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Friday, February 6, 2009

Selangor to be Topple soon? NOT Kedah !

by { JP }

With the Malaysiakini reported that [Kedah's turn to feel defection heat] after the "EXPECTED" Perak 's defection, I have a different point of view.

To make this short, based on my own analysis, the most higest ranked state in defect soon is Selangor, instead of Kedah. :-

1. Reliable source told that the initial formation of Selangor state was the PAS tied up with UMNO instead of PKR-PAS-DAP coalition;

2. The initial and (to be fair) Perak 's MB supposed to be DAP 's ; but no qualified Bumiputra in that party, eventually "force" to hand over to Bumiputra 's lead party;

3. So, come to deal - PAS leader / committee agreed and instructed their Selangor 's state delegates NOT to jump ship but to joint the Pakatan 's coalition in forming Selangor DUN;

4. So, (if) the Selangor state DUN was build fracturality based on this undisclosed deal; and now the Perak 's Pakatan DUN collapsed (or soon to be) , and the dealt void ! So those "tend-to" jump ship PAS 's MP at least for now, "souled OUT" !!

5. Worst still with the PKR 's MP, where most of the time with their total distract immoral character which ala UMNO 's (cetak rompak of UMNO), we will see the defection in Selangor soon to come !!

6. I am strongly disagreed with defection of these "grasshopper" / "katak" / "frog" or wat ever fuckanabe they called them, although (in few of readers' perception) I'm anti-Anwarism, anti-PKR;

7. No more free water ? ... one of my concern

8. And I deeply feel sorry to the Perak 's MB, "he is look like a decent man"; "he is half- mixed with Chinese blood" ,...


PKN said...
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PKN said...

Perak is the 1st,
then come Selangor,
and Penang soon,..

so which side you are ah ?

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