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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Plea the Sultan to read a Misleading Website ??

by { JP }

This have been a long way to go ..

I am totally disagree with those "grasshopper"s who cross-over to other after they been voted ! This is my stand !!

With Uncle Bernard - [the zorro-unmasked] posted an article to plea the Sultan to react smart in a way which pro-Pakatan.., I have no comment on this; but it this sounded that you are directing "your" Sultan to do something in favor to you ?? !!! this sounded weird !!!

I am absolutely DISAGREE too in your "wish" to lead "your" Sultan to read the Malaysiakini. Why? Obviously, this is wasting time !! Malaysiakini, is the proven pro-Anwar 's website which objectively produce articles sounded Pakatan 's supportive in majority !!

Your "wish" sounded like "HEI KUAN" (Cantonese translated as "cheating the Ruler"), in the Chinese axient time - you knew what will happened to your head, Uncle ? (I'm not going to spell out a bad word in Chinese New Year) , ...and good luck to you guys ...best wishes ,

feel free only (and nothing to do) then read Malaysiakini.. ==========================================

updated at 2:30pm - Malaysiakini once again execute their right to "chop" off my article to be listed at their [MKINI] section after (only after) had hang out there for about 1 hour, started from 1:35pm just now.

For those who don't want to miss out my article in the future, bookmark (or add Favorites into your Internet Explorer 's browser) for this page and you should finf it easy to re-enter back here, cause the simbiolis-well PAID-unbalance website : the Malaysiakini won't listed my article there anymore !!

as update at 3:05pm - the Malaysiakini once again listed up my article link in their [MKNI in BLOGS] section. weird ?

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PROVEN ! Malaysiakini, a Pro-Anwar Website !!


Ben Lee said...

Mr datok JP,

you are absolutely brilliant !!

Would you join them tonight in action to against Sultan 's decision ??

see you there, o o

Anonymous said...

Don't ever join the illegal gathering tonight.

These unhealthy act like:
1. Against Ruler 's decision

2. Encourage the opposite site to do the same to you in future ,..and this ends never !!

Act wisely, use you wisdom to think and act meaningfully !

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