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Friday, October 30, 2009

PKR, What's your next {move} ? ..on my counts ?

by { JP }

My first created community group in Facebook are heading to reach 1,000 members soon.
The [Say NO to "gaji-buta" ADUN & MP] group with its objective to ALERT those ADUN or MP voted in by us but ignore public concern issue or complaint, was getting hit since its started two months ago, on the 26th of August, 2009.

Many conscience ADUNs and MPs had joined the group. Many aid de camp, personal assistants/political secretary joined as well as many political observers joined the group too. I'm greatful to all wonderful public who have joined with their sincere and conscience hearts too.

Today, I'm shocked when got to know that this man who's walks shoulder-by-shoulder with Anwar Ibrahim joined the group too.

Mansor Othman, the Penang newly appointed Deputy Chief Minister replacing his precede - the other scandal fulled PKR's, is Anwar Ibrahim's key man.

In Anwar's year of being Deputy Prime Minister, Mansor is his aid de camp hold an official position as Political Secretary for DPM.

So, I decided to write him an recognition letter >>

October 30 at 2:03pm
for the kind attention of YB Encik Mansor Othman,

Dear Sir,

We are great to having to join this group.
{Say NO to "gaji-buta" ADUN & MP}
(a warming welcome openning..)

I knew you are extremely close to Anwar.
(my survey...)

Your decision and motive to join is clear.
(my perception....)

Should I have the honour to appoint you as "somebody" in this goup:-
a) [Group Ambassador]
b) [Group Advisor]
c) [Group Sponsor]
as I found that its a bit of humble for you as an "ordinary" member here.
So, kindly feedback to me in which "rank" or title you prefer and I shall be at service.

Many thanks again
& Best Regards,

(Mail sent to Facebook's mailbox of Mansor Othman)


Anonymous said...

Those who are running for party seat won't have time for yours. They are busy putting off fire on their butt now.
Whilst those who are not "qualified" for seat entitlement, they rather shit at home for party.

So where got time to korek your longkang, badul. You deserve it.

Mat Cerdik

Anonymous said...

all those buggers know what?
What can they contribute ?

They just sit and shaking their leg comfortably.

So, next time be very careful to vote your representative, yah?

by the way, who are you actually ? I'm sure they are very interesting to find you out.

Man Chong

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