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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Keadilan's en Amirurudin Shari Joined ...

by { JP }

Latest updated from my buddy, Encik / Tuan / Datuk (not yet) / jackal (could be) Amirudin Shari joined the [Say NO to "gaji-buta" ADUN & MP] group yesterday!!!

Encik / Tuan / Datuk (not yet) / jackal (could be) Amirudin Shari is another P.Keadilan.R's ADUN in Selangor state. My hope is simple, he will (((((inform/telling/notice)))))) his Keadilan's counterpart - Dr. Xavier that this group is condemning him for ignoring constituency's complaints, and eventually "force" him to solve the unhealthy environment!! ...or this could be just my hope only, he won't do it either.

His joining seemed happenning after I had been invited by YB Tony Pua to join his event -
[Pakatan Rakyat Budget Forum 2010]. And I got to know that the "badback" guy shall be there too!! Without hesistating, I expressed my thought-pleading in the Tony Pua's created facebook's webpage.

My says is simple -
if I be there, may I ask DSAI -

"had u directed your Dr. Xavier to go quickly helping his own Indian majority area - Tmn Seri Sentosa, Klang area in solving their bulky-complained drains problem?",

"had u instructed him not to drag down the whole ship due to his poor performance in serving his constituency ?"


Check out available link here>


then after some doggy jackals barking, I put on this >
Jeff Phoon (Malaysia) wrote
at 2:34pm
to having a better budget is preferably and cheered by everyone. Who don't want a better budget? Off course la, after people proposing ones than even a secondary boy able to come out to pin-point its shortcomings, and counter-suggest another better option. This is usual what ?
We just wondering what else this PAkatan's able to contribute beside pin-pointing others' butt!!?

Sigh and ridiculous is that even the small complaint they can't solve it promptly and they are keeping on telling that what they going to do if ..(( IF )) they win the next General Elections, like prophecy / fortune teller.

Please be more initiative and serve your constituency. Forward this to the "badback" guy if he still blinded up by his doggy jackals!!.... [[ BUAT KERJA ]]


SYSM said...

just wonder where are the Dr. Xavier!!?

After his busy days of attending here Deepavali open house and there Raya open house, where is he now?

Is he another PKR's who may jump ship?

Let's see.
But if I'm the MB (another PKR's too), I'll ask him to resign tooo, and this will absolutely downgrade his "price" of hocking to another.


Rakyat said...

Actually what else this folk of jokers able to do beside going down on streets to protest ?

All we'd seen proven that they are very good... indeed extremely well in street protest; but in term of governance, they are too weak. It's ok that chances are given to them for improvement. The only making people frustrated is just that they will not upgrading themselves or said to be narrow-minded! They will dumped all anti-voices against their pathway.

And making people vomitting is that they keep saying that they will be better in doing this, and doing that compared to BN (as we all knew, nobody is perfect - BN is weak in certain area but they might had contributed lots in other certain area). The folks of joker just knowing to pin-point saying that they will be better than BN (IF) they take-on federal. Let's see,...oh no, shall we all give them a chance to play a fool (playfull ground) ?

We are [Rakyat] too.

非凡 said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

We create awareness, you may do so by just sharing this with everyone you know ~..~

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