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Friday, October 1, 2010

Selangor ADUN Xavier Jayakumar - PKR 's shame!!

by JP

"Xavier Jayakumar Punched Me"
(above pic from daily press - Nanyang Siang Pau October 01, 2010 published)


The "gaji buta" ADUN, moron Xavier Jayakumar, alleged to have lost his temper and punch on his opponent, S.Kottapan, of the PKR party election which held last week!

Xavier immediately crash in front of me and punch my right submaxilary, then kick on me few times!", told S.Kottapan.
"When I tried to run out from there, a group of gangster hit me by helmet and chair!!"

"Both my son, one is only ten of his age, wounded too in the violent incident!!!"

What a bastard violent government we had voted ?!!!

"haha ! Catch me if you can !"


Anonymous said...

JP, i think u whacked him til he lost temper!

anak Kota Raja

Anonymous said...

hoi,orang sana,
tu orang kocak tiket undi.kalau dia tak buat kecoh,mana ada orang kena belasah orang!


Anonymous said...

jp,tak takut ke kena pecah nanti ?

a/l 5+3

Gambang said...

lu cakap banyak banyak pon tak guna.
Kalo pariah ni tak gorek lobang ko (longkang yg ko complain tu),memang tulah perangai selfish,penting diri dan tidak-keupayaannya.
Cakap banyak tak bawa kesan,kesan buruk mungkin ada.jaga diri.

drp, Gambang ngeri

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