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Sunday, December 26, 2010

DAP 's, dare to BackFIRE ? !!!

With all due respect, DAP’s,

With your coalition partner in Pakatan, PKR’s leader Eli Wong, publicly condemned you against a signage which advertised at your Rocket 2U Café, do you all dare to backfire (publicly) on this issue ?

How do you response, DAP’s ? Or you all choose to remain silent ?

Being an ostrich ?

On the day when PGRM Dr. Koh Tsu Koon ‘s portray being torn off by UMNO’s jackal, you all did not redress his unjust but chose to ridicule his unfortunate.

photo credited from Malaysiakini
Until today, this had been politicked sarcastic Dr Khor as "an ostrich"; “no ball” !

So, may I question you, DAP’s, how do response to PKR’s publicly condemnation ?
Or you choose to be an ostrich indeed ?

So, tell me what makes you different from PGRM ?


bodak kampong said...

takde beza. sama meh. sapa soroh lu pilih dap? bodoh!!

otoman said...

somebody oredi challenge them to shut down the cafe! I don't think they dare to shut it down.

Nor I don't think they will response to PKR's !!

Being an ostrich is good. Benefit to human and health.

Ahming said...

both are _ _ _ _ _ ??

both are Irritating,
both are Damn,
both are Idolater,
both are Orchestral,
both like Talkcock

get it?

Amo said...

I feel vomit.

me no eat chicken, not even bird type animal......ostrich? maybe another brand of politician's promotion to bluff this vegetarian to take meal.


DMajorityNation said...

Why don't we ask all the nation (majority) to wear 1Malaysia shirts,pants and caps; then challenge Ronnie Liu if he dares to take them off ?

((This will amounted to infringing against one's individual freedom and expression!!))

JP said...

to the commentator named [Ahming] dated (December 26, 2010 8:18 AM),

you said both are idolater; but Gerakan no idol, you idiot!

So, are you implicated PKR + UMNO ?

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