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Monday, April 27, 2009

Lim Si Pin, just one of another HYPOCRITE politician ..

by { JP }

Lim Si Pin, as one of the young leader who is having a good sign rising up as Malaysia politician leader, should earned himself bundle of supports from Malaysia younger age (voters, expecially Chinese) after he had been elected as the Gerakan (PGRM) 's Youth Chief in the past few months.

Need no to mention he is the son of the Gerakan's giant - Lim Keng Yaik, some of his opinions and ideas posted in his blogs grab echoes even from his rival party's supporters. We were pleased that Malaysia may soon raised up another giant fighter !

Surprisingly, his recent posting in his blog ruined his effort to convince people that he is one of another fresh hope for the nation and jeopardise his image ! In his recent posted article-blog [A Look Behind The Scenes] -, he written that he had having a social chat with one of his old classmate (who's PKR member) and this old friend told him that the how the DAP 's twos controlling their Menteri Besar (Mohd Nizar) and Speaker (Sivakumar). As we all knew, the Gerakan having deep feeling on DAP after they lost their Penang state and its no doubt that both party are trying (and fighting) their very best to gain people's votes in Perak. Battlefield in Perak and Penang state amongst each are obviously seen.

With a informats (the old class friend of LimSiPin) telling him the weaknesses of his rival party, Lim should be excited and extremely pleasant to gain more bullets for gunning down his rivals and REGAIN back votes from Perak's constituency. What I found strange here is that when this old class friend filled him with more explosive inner state's scandals about "certain names of Directors in some ‘Sdn Bhd’ that were linked to a few selected privilege persons whom are elected ADUNs." and "These are companies that were purely set up for the sake of handling land, quarries, official uniforms, etc etc that were profit making in concern." as prescribed in his blog, he then STOPPED his friend to lying to him !! - (I just didn’t believe my friend. I told him to shut up and stop talking nonsense.) ? ? ?

This is totally like a scene in an action movie I might had seen before, - the Demon shouted at his muscle-full bouncers "Stop beating him, he is dying! StOP!!" and in his heart damn wanting the victim to be cleared-off! When police arrived and questioned the demon, he stated that he had warned them to stop and not to kill the victim. So, he excaped ..
THIS is totally hypocritical !!

Its made us really disappointed that such a good image-covered arising politician is just another hypocrite, again !!

P/S: Sometimes we rather choose to believe that the article posted was NOT his own writing!


Anonymous said...

Lim Si Pin...look at him....how the hell u think malaysian chinese will for such a person?
He looks like a shame to Gerakan.....with his infamous label as Pai Ka Chai!!!

[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...

Responding to the commentor [Anonymous] as dated May09,2009 as above,

First of all, thanks for putting your "sword"(comment) here.

What is your points in saying that Lim's is [Pai Ka Cai] ?

How do you know Malaysian Chinese will not go for Lim's ? Point out, appreciate if you will (dare) to do so !

P/S: by the way, please show us your name (at least nickname) if commenting here, Thanks again for your comment.


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