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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Selangor PFD to Rakyat or Cronyism ?

by { JP }

Pro and Con State Government Throwing PFD..
(PFD - Personal Flotation Device)

I had came across a miserable news from a local Chinese newspaper last few days, about Selangor government paid for the unpaid electricity bills or considered as bad debts which supposed to be settled by land property developer/s in Bukit Beruntung, a residential area 30km north from KL town. (out of RM770,000.00approx. owed by developer/s, the Selangor government partially settle RM380,000.00approx.)

These developer/s obliged to settle the electricity bills in their area developed and granted them million dollars but they failed or intentionally refuse to make payments to TNB, leading to blackout in streets and public areas, which resulting high risk of dangers to the residents.

We are highly welcome and great appreciate to local and state government for their care-taking and people-concern policy to look after the welfare of rakyat.

This initiative to settle TNB bills by the Selangor government lighting up the resident area again supposed to got great applause by rakyat especially residents there. Questions arouse here, will the state government refunded by these irresponsive developer/s ? Will the TNB chase back payments from these bad debtors then refund to state government ? If TNB afford to do so, why still not and allowing them to accumulating to hundreds of thousands ?
If at the end of the day, no such payments by these tentatively stubborn developer/s means its considered a huge earns for those who refuse to make payments to TNB and encouraging more other developer/s to follow this “glory” step !

By the way, the guy/s who propose and endorse this “brilliant” act might have any interest-linking with these giant debtors land property developer/s ! ? ?
This is people’s suspicious …


Anonymous said...

Dear JP,

I read that your articles are full of 4 letters words. This I find is totally disgustable.

Moreover, you claim to be a third party blogger but from the tone and style of writing you could be a paid Barisan Nasional blogger.

Your articles are full of Anti-PR and Anti-Anwar materials. This is all crap and is no better than what you describe Lim Si Pin as a hypocrite.

Have you ever bothered to comment about the ex-MB from Selangor's Disneyland trips and leisure activities for his family, maid and cronies ?

What about the illegal grabbing of MB's position in Perak ?

The thousand and one issues affecting the MACC , the state of crime in the country , the illegal rape of the forest by ex-Selangor ADUNs and Exco members has escaped your eyes.

These are the pressing corruption and issues that need your attention and Sherlock Holmes investigating style of reporting in which I expect a third party blogger to do than to comment on Elizabeth's Wong's unfortunate incident.

Perhaps you are happy with the 50 years of corrupt and arrogant BN rule and their ketuanan supremacy.

Good luck to you.

[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...

To the above [Anonymous] commentor dated May 1, 2009 9:05pm =
YB (from my good instinct, I knew you are one of a PR ADUN),

To response to your comment,

4 lettters word only spit out to people who like to be spitted off !!
It's just a matter of how we expressed ourselves when things were totally out of our capability and affordability control, which its deemed to be able to fine tuned by such the "spotted" person but he or she just ignored or intentionally refused to make situation in better form of shape !

For your info, my articles seems to be anti-Pakatan Rakyat but I am not anti-Pakatan Rakyat.
Check out my preferences changes since 3.08 and my inside story at Deviation ~ The Ruling Power then you should knowing that why people should not crowned him the 6th Prime Minister in Malaysia !
For more of facts telling you that I am NOT a paid BN blogger, check more of my articles...

One more things, you asked why I was not bother to blog anything about ex-MB 's ... this, ex-ADUN's that ...bla bla bla.... reason are simple:
You are not paying me to write for what I got my rights to write for;
and question back to you:

Is it the common and importance practice of present government all about drilling for previous government's scandals? And never fine tune their own selves ?

These are all we supposed to get when you had successfully "induced" us to "X" you ?

Thanks by the way, YB.

Yours faithfully,

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