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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Best Actors of the Year - Tonite Good Show

by { JP }

Would Arsene Wenger stop Alex Ferguson from crowning the Manchester United FC the champion of English Premier League tonight ?

This is a million pounds question. If Sir Alex able to nice just with a draw and grab 1 point for tonight game, its will made him the only man with second time crowned for three consecutive season champion !! This would be his second time in winning 3-in-a-row !!! How he managed to do that?
Look at his effort put in. His courage, good decision-making, well motivation talks and off course his excellant director- (acting)- coaching skill made him almost unbeatable in three consecutive season.

Football is all about acting, in nowaday environment with bettings penetrated legally into its nerve.

I personally don't think that Arsene Wenger will put a true fight in tonight game. With nothing more for him to fight for; another three points or even win through the rest of another two games (which bring Arsenal 6 points in total) means NOTHING ! Look at the chart (currently 68, if plus another 6 = 74points which is still lower than the 3rd rank with 77points now),; well if they lost all the coming 2 games, still remain in 4th rank with a "comfortable" ten points leading the 5th now ! So don't blame for Arsenal if they don't really go as what you want tonight !

Manchester United, With a draw game of grabbing just another 1 point will make Liverpool (the 2nd now) crying in the field! (87points with eventhough Liverpool win all the coming 2 games, only 86points left behind)

With many of us thought in this way, the odds (hopes) going in for MANUTD definately flying highkites!
This is what I'm going to say "An overloaded boat will sunk" !!

With heavy odds going in for MANUTD win and extremely overloaded odds for a draw game, lets see what would it be tonight ?

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