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Monday, May 11, 2009

Nizar - the legitimate MB and the VICTORY of Democracy **

by { JP }

#*TAHNIAH tuju kepada YAB Nizar !!*#
atas kemenagan kes beliau yang berkeputusan beliau sebagai Menteri Besar sah Perak diumumkan Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur tadi.


[the 3rd PARTY] highly appreciated to the High Court for declaring that Datuk Seri Mohd Nizar is the legitimate MB for Perak state.

Extremely excited to congrats to YAB Mohd Nizar on victory of democracy !!
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Monday, February 9, 2009
Vote for Mohd Nizar, Bukit Gantang !

Pakatan: One of the Many Right Things to do now ..

Since there won’t any by-election for three of the Perak’ state assembly seats in this moment - Behrang, Changkat Jering and Jelapang with the balls still in the judge’s leg (The Pakatan state government in Perak had filed a suit at the High Court in Ipoh to declare the Behrang, Changkat Jering and Jelapang state seats vacant, as reported by the Malaysiakini website), and there’s no dissolution of state assembly means no flash state’s election at the time being; and people around (mostly Pakatan’s supporters) shouted out it should let mandate power back to people’s hand with having a battle to show out which party the people prefer to be their government and whom the people prefer to be their Menteri Besar - suddenly comes a vacant in Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat with the current MP pass away in the afternoon !

The Pakatan should really consider nominating the decentman- Mohd Nizar to let him a chance showing to the nation that “This is people’s will” once he won the seat !!

I personally will strongly on my stand to vote for Mohd Nizar, unfortunately my rights to vote is in Kepong's parliamentary seat but not in Perak. This is nothing confronted with my personally prejudice with Anwarism, but I’m rather to say that if there is am election between PKR against PAS, I will absolutely cast my vote to PAS ' candidate !
And don’t tell me that this is against my belief and religion (I am a Buddhist)! Nothing to do with that ! Quoted a YB Karpal's word recently “ …you DON’T play around with me!

This could be a God’s will which will let both the Pakatan and Barisan to have clear battle after the recent chaos. At least cease fire against the Royal or stop arguing on the decided Royal edict !

Show it to alls that people still with you, Pakatan !! This is the right way to showing out rather than goes hanging out at streets to protest and protest and protest and .... end up never !

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