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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Maxis SMS Scam – How it Works ( 8th Part of Rampant Lawless Series)

This is totally crazy and ridiculous !! I never use, never subscribe; but now they said my subscription is RENEWED !!! - by a Maxis complainer

[Chapter 3]

Recently, I hear several grumbles from my mate about their mobile service prepaid balance being deducted unconsciously or postpaid account being charged for unsolicited SMS.
*Is this unlawful ?*

I even received one complainer tables with solid proof to show that the mobile service provider, the telco – Maxis had sent her unsolicited SMS and charges her without her consent!

According to the complainer, nickname - Amy:
I often receive unsolicited SMS since I subscribe to use Maxis as mobile operator. Some they promote to sell things; some approach me to subscribe for news alert; some with beautiful MMS to encourage me to forward the MMS to my knowing etc.” she continued, “Most of these SMS were clearly indicated by their company name, brand name or Maxis themselves
She added, “I will ignore these SMS everytimes.
She furthered, “One day, I received a SMS from [no name, only number showed 27770] written like this

{ RM0.
Ur MTweeter free trial will expire in 2 days.

Continue to follow friends tweets for only RM2/wk. }

That was strange, I never used or subscribed to 27770 or MTweeter. Why they said my [free trial], and further pursuing me to continue to use their servive?” !!!

(To my precious readers here - What would you do if you receive this ? Read the text again and digest it, then re-answer again)

She continued, “After a couple days, I received the second SMS from 27770 written -

{ RM2. Your MTweeter subscription is renewed.

To stop,
send stop mt to 27770 }

This is totally crazy and ridiculous !! I never use, never subscribe; but now they said my subscription is RENEWED !!!” She started getting mad of this.

She continued, “Some more (they indicated) that 2 dollars had been charged !

(What would you do then?)

Off course I sent back [stop mt] to the 27770.” She admitted.


Within a minute, they sent me back this -

{ RM0. Click on the link below to unsubscribe.

http://m.mtweeter.com/stop/ }

She added, “I was unable to log that link given. I was totally frustrated and helpless then.” She continued, “Then I asked around friends to get help. They given the Maxis helpline to call.

(What if the unfortunate lady stop at this stage without calling the center, What could be happened to her billing?) !!!

She furthered on, “I called immediate to Maxis helpline. The first voice I heard was a machine sound asking me press 1 for ….., 2 for ….. and 3 for …….. Then after I press x?, the machine asked me to press this and that …and further on.

…… continued
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