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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Maxis SMS Scam – How it Works ( 9th Part of Rampant Lawless Series)

This was only one of many living examples happening to mobile users in this country.

[Chapter 4]

After unsuccessfully to unsubscribe to the Maxis – Mtweeter SMS service by logging into a web-link given by a continuous third SMS. Amy (the complainer) called to Maxis help-line center.

Amy furthered on, “I called immediate to Maxis helpline. The first sound I heard was a machine voice asking me press 1 for ….., 2 for ….. and 3 for …….. Then after I press x?, the machine asked me to press this and that again…and further on.
After several pressings, finally a human voice answered and I complained to her.”

Amy added, “then she calmed me down with her soft and gentle voice. She said she will help me to cancel the MTweeter service.”

(Was it been done so ?)

Amy said, “in the next day, I received another SMS from the 27770 again written -

{ Your MTweeter subscription is terminated. If it was an accident, don’t worry! You can still follow celebs & friends at http://m.mtweeter.com/ } ”

What this [accident] meant for ?” Amy doubt. She continued, “Is it meant that if the termination of subscription was accidental, then they will continue to charge me ?” !!!

She added, “And within couple of minutes while I’m still doubt on that, another SMS from [62003] pop in written

{ Maxis CS: Dear Madam, referring to your concern, SMS from 27770 is successfully blocked. TQ, Maxis } ”

She furthered, “And I was able to speak to another customer service. He told me that the MTweeter [27770] SMS had been cancelled and not to worry about the charge of RM2. It would be waived off.”

Amy was upset, “I asked him why my credit limit (there is a credit limit to users subscribe a postpaid mobile service) facing tremendous increased during these few days since the unsolicited MTweeter activated. This have limit me to make a long call out !”

Amy continued, “He (the customer service) again asked me not to worry and taught me to make a complaint to Maxis when I received my billing (at month end) if there is any mis-charging.”

Amy was totally upset with the way Maxis handled her complaint and eventually she intends to migrate her mobile service to another mobile operator.

That was only one of many living examples happening to mobile users in this country!
Many chosen the decision to [ignore] and silence about SMS scam.

In another news by the nation most read daily paper – [The Star], dated Thursday August 4, 2011, written -

{ a few days ago, I received an SMS asking me to reply in order to continue receiving SMSes. On the spur of the moment I replied, not wanting my SMS service to be unavailable.

The nightmare began as soon as I replied to this SMS. My prepaid credit of RM63 was immediately reduced to RM1.15, without me having made any long calls.

I was shocked at the drastic drop but quickly topped up another RM30, thinking that my service provider had auto deducted for my data plan. But everything went suspiciously wrong again. In the next two hours, after using my phone just once, my credit went down to RM3.21!

I called the help-line, and to my surprise, was told that I had subscribed to a package called (name provided), of which I was totally unaware. }


…… to be continued

Your silent could made them BILLION !!!

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