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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Tribute to Tunku Abdul Aziz

Below was an article written on January last year. I re-post it in my blog again to pay a high tribute to YM Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim, a 78 years old and healthy man, a conscience in a political party (Vice Chairman of the Democratic Action Party, DAP), who had tendered his resignation to (quits) the party yesterday (May 14, 2012).


DAP Slam: NOT an Ostrich !!! 

by { JP }
The Delighted Birthday's Present

I just received an email from my insider. It was an opinion article published in a nation daily news - The SinChew, with DAP National Vice Chairman clearly slap onto mindlessness act of Pakatan's face !!

I was extremely delighted after I read through the whole article (with my poor engrand level and pinching my Oxford Dictionary).

While I'm still depressed with the moron act of PKR 's Selangor state government to ban the 1Malaysia logo, the DAP Vice Chairman's article I digested finally flash dew on my face!

The Moment

Last week I'd published an article with implicating my worry and concern on social politic right after a PKR leader - (Ms/Puan?) Eli Wong criticised and publicly slam DAP of installation a political means logo in DAP Rocket Cafe located at SS2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Click onto the pix shown at right-hand side or HERE to enlarge on what I wrote.

With my heart still pumping at 80 tps, but counting on DAP to clear my doubt, finally.....and significantly the Tunku's statement delighted me. I'd concluded the Tunku's says as following (in my poor engrand level perception),

1. A SMS sent to Tunku 's mobile with alluded the fact that PKR lead Selangor state Government is complying with double standard.

2. PKR lead state Government is mindlessness, absurdity, childish, rash, immature and hypocrisy.
The PKR lead state Government should have think of more important issues to do for the sake of the people of Selangor.

3. Tunku was doubt on Pakatan capability to rule the federal government of Malaysia.
"They (PKR?/Pakatan) would have to be more savvy and sensible before they (PKR?/Pakatan) would get my vote of confidence.
I should be careless in the extreme if I did not consider hedging my bets."

4. Pakatan follower = imbecilic, a foaming at the mouth, saliva dripping, bulging eyed, raving demagogue !

5. Finally, he emphasized that the PKR lead Selangor state executive council (EXCO) ought to be taught with good lesson and common sense!
"The Pakatan Rakyat leaders have their job cut out for them – like knocking a modicum of common sense into some of their colleagues in the Selangor state executive council"

He also stated that the PKR Leadership Election is a very ugly public exhibition of unremitting internal squabbles!

Wonderful and highly appreciate to Y Bhg. Tunku Abdul Aziz for his well response to PKR's moron act and the Sinchew group for publishing this news without political bias. ( As I have to grab it rash for my birthday gift as presented to all Malaysians).

The Doubt
Should I buy on Tunku's says ... ?

YM Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim was holding a book while he was describing his so-called best friend and seemingly upset with him in an interview on NTV7 yesterday. The book titled :  The Right To Differ - A Biographical Sketch of LIM KIT SIANG.

(note: Lim Kit Siang is the ultimate-tum head of Democratic Action Party, DAP)

It is so sarcastic that DAP(s) could really stubborn to understand what is right !!

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