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Sunday, November 23, 2008

A*W*R : The Sleeping Tiger !

by { JP } malaysiakini to list up =>

IN this recent weeks, many have found that Anwar is keeping his silent no more "hoping" to topple the federal government !

He is keeping himself in a very low profile status where trying to make public out of "chatting" about his "great" idea - {Anwar's Topple Federal Government Plan} ; when the public getting less and lesser in talking about him, media will decrease his news publicity; this will more or less leading to his foes to think that he had DROP OUT his plan to topple !

Right ! This is his plan.

He want his foe to keep him out of their sight !

Malaysiakini to list up

MANY had thought that he failed in his plan !
But if my thought is right, at this moment actually he is restructuring his planning and strenghten up his fundamental base.

"Money (this is the most important part)?

Power posts structure negotiation (between his Pakatan's coalition - PAS, PKR and DAP - who and who to be what the what Ministers); and offering (to his BN-cross over buddy in-waiting) ?"

"Therefore, you still think that Anwar is dropping the issue to topple the federal government ?"

Never forget his ultimate plan is to become the Prime Minister.

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CMA chineseman Association said...

Ha! Who is the tiger going to bite after wake up ?

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