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Monday, November 3, 2008

Interlocking Bouleversement News Fallen to PGRM

Malaysiakini, What's the secret ?
These were the interlocking bouleversement news surrounding the Gerakan, PGRM, recently :-

1. On the Sept 22 - The death of former Bukit Tambun assemblyman Lai Chew Hock's wife.

Lai's wife was brutally attacked by robbers in the front porch of their house.

2. On the Sept 23 - The robbery on another former assemblyman (now PGRM State Chief), Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nam's wife .

Barely 24 hours after the robbery-cum-murder of an ex-assemblyman’s wife, the wife of former Pulau Tikus assemblyman Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan was robbed at the porch of their house too.
(photo courtesy from Malaysiakini)

3. On the Oct 22 - The parliament incident - Gerakan whacked by Umno

Deputy Minister of Information Tan Lian Hoe was whacked by Umno backbenchers in Parliament.

courtesy of Youtube

4. On the Nov 03 - The Death of PGRM 's VP - Dr S Vijayaratnam.

Dr S Vijayaratnam found dead after fallen from a roof top of clinic's building !!!

Cursed ??? Nothing linked ?? Coincidence ?
What's secret behind, Malaysiakini

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