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Thursday, November 20, 2008

PETROL Pirce RM1-62 ! ! !

Malaysiakini to posted this =>
by { JP } finally, they shouted :

"PETROL price should be RM1.62 !!! "

As reported by Malaysiakini - Mandarin version today,
The DAP 's Penang state Cheif Minister, YAB Lim Guan Eng slam the Federal Government for the the abolition of fuel subsidies and irresponsible measures, at the same time called on the Government to reduce fuel prices to 1.62 ringgit per liter to reflect the current global market oil prices' decline.

He pointed out that the present government announced RM2-00 per liter of petrol price had "forced" people to pay more against they supposed and this is NOT FAIR to the people.

Lim also slam the Barian National (federal) government in "fast & furious" action when rapid increase, but when they suppose to lower the price - its like "dragging their feet" !
"If the government can no longer lower oil prices will only make people suspicious, why the sudden oil price to rise quickly, lowering it (to the level its supposed to be) is so difficult."

(translated from Malaysiakini - Mandarin Version)

" Why the government is so UNfair to the Rakyat (people) ? "

Lim's statement was reported by Malaysiakini today (20th of Nov) at 1:35pm.

Is this the reaction after my yesterday fr..full...fucking comment in [rocky' bru] (Malaysia top blogger) 's posting at http://rockybru.com.my/2008/11/st-anwars-pakatan-losing-focus.html?showComment=1227088920000#c3611922663541825287 ? ?

"We do HOPE that they are NOT wearing the same ONE trouser"

Please do what you all think is right to fight for the goodsake and fairness of Rakyat !
( Malaysiakini to posted this )


DoN said...


We all love Malaysia, expecially when we are the politician who fight throughout these years just for the goodsake of Rakyat; until some of us got jailed periodically.

Life is short;
We only do what is right.

Doctor of Nothing

opcharlie said...

How does Lim Guan Eng arrive to the proposal of RM1.62 per L? Which benchmark is he using? Clearly we can't use the numbers from OPEC countries, as they are producing millions per day above our production. Till when Malaysians want to squeeze more subsidies into their pockets? Typical Malaysians, want everything to be free and easy. Subsidies will kill efficiency and competitiveness.

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