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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sex, Feng-Shui Scum & RM12,000,000,000 !! (Part 3 of Rampant Lawless Series)

Scam Series: The Karma Show (Part III)
by JP

The trick of targeting desperate people' s heart with healing disease and finding-back their beloved-one widely being used in scam !!

The controversy RM12,000,000,000 estate scrum in Hong Kong was once catching public eyes.

Nina Wang or Kung Yu Sum (Chinese: 龔如心) who died at her 69 was Asia's richest woman with no children, leaving an estimated asset of 12 billion which induced unlawful scam!!

A scum of Feng-Shui master claimed to be her secret-lover and appealed to court to inherit the late Wang’s multibillion fortune with forgery will !!

This fucking scumbag, named Tony Chan Chun-chuen (Chinese: 陳振聰), is a Hong Kong conman and declared himself as a former Feng-Shui (Chinese: 風水) geomancer & lover to the late Nina Wang.
On 2 February 2010, the Hong Kong High Court ruled that the late Wang's estate belongs to Chinachem Charitable Foundation (Nina Wang’s company), not to Tony Chan!
The Justice-Lam said Chan was "untruthful, unreliable and lacking in credibility". He further stated: "I do not find him to be a credible witness and I find in many respects his evidence was tailored to suit his convenience. I do not believe what he testified regarding the provenance of the 2006 will. Apart from my general assessment of his credibility, I also find his evidence incredible."
The judge found Wang's signature on the 2006 will relied on by Tony Chan to be "a highly skilled simulation" !!
On the basis of which the Hong Kong Police arrested Tony Chan the next day.
He was released on HK$5m bail.

The Inland Revenue of Hong Kong has also issued a demand for HK$300 million in back taxes on income he is alleged to have received from Wang for Feng-Shui services, sums which Chan claims were gifts from his lover.
It was believed that this gigolo/scumbag had rolled off more than 1 billion HK$ during their romance period !!
The late Wang made three payments to Chan of about 688 million Hong Kong dollars each when she was dying of cancer. The auspicious numbers 688 might possibly relate to the illogical belief that her terminal stage of cancer could be cured by giving away part of her fortune, or tied to a feng shui ritual designed to find her missing husband.

The trick of targeting desperate people ‘s heart with healing disease and finding-back their beloved-one widely being used in scam !!

These scum in Feng-Shui (Chinese: 風水, is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven (Chinese astronomy) and Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive elements) line could eat their own karma at the end of their ending days.

Nina Wang was born in Shanghai, where she was a childhood playmate of her missing husband - Teddy Wang.

Teddy's father Wang Din-shin had established a paint and chemical business. The Wangs moved to Hong Kong, and the business became the Chinachem Group, eventually one of Hong Kong's largest and most powerful companies based on a lucrative pharmaceutical division. They got married when she was 18 and he 22 in 1955.
Nicknamed "Little Sweetie" (Cantonese: "小甜甜"), she was noted for her two pigtails and her love of dressing in traditional Chinese dresses.
She was the richest woman in Asia and the world's 35th richest person, with a fortune of $4.2bn, according to Forbes magazine; a fortune which exceeded that of American talk show host Oprah Winfrey !!

The Suspicious Missing
On 12 April 1983, the Wangs' Mercedes was hijacked. Teddy Wang at his age of 50 was taken away and chained to a bed for eight days until Nina Wang paid a $33 million ransom.
On 10 April 1990, Teddy Wang (57) was kidnapped again!! This time he was unable to be found back.
After his disappearance, Nina took the helm of Chinachem under the title of "Chairlady" and built it into a major property developer.

She probably never thought that she could get scammed in her life !!

Karma, it shows.

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