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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Targeted House

by JP

One of my richer friends who had earned his millions-mine in his early 40’s and migrated to oversea back for funeral of his property asset’s designated lawyer recently. We barely meet up for almost 10 years.

After the funeral, we hang out somewhere near the KLCC, in the Trader Hotel, a hotspot in town – the SkyBar.
We have lots to catch up.

One of remarkable things he told was this:

“I use to let my staffs to stay in FREE at my unoccupied apartment”

You are a great boss

“They no need to pay anything. I even pay for the maintenance”

Wow! Your staffs are well-blessed & lucky to have your kind of good boss.”

“I even hired a timed maid to clean for their mess”

Wow! You are too generous

“Haha! One thing they have to repay for my ‘kindness’ is that they must testify me as one of the tenant in that apartment if someone query for”

“ ? ? ?”

“There was one time when I was interrogated for a minor case by the local (oversea) authority, they asked me full particular which off course includes my home address. I threw them my unoccupied apartment's address, which tended not to frighten my family at home”,

“You know what they did?”, he continued “They went to that address (unoccupied apartment) with a search warrant.”

Hhuh! Then they must have broke their back in an empty house..”

“Yea. Then they came back and made me very uneasy…”

Tortured ?” I curious.

“…what do u think? Buy u a cup of coffee then?” He continued, “I still have to furnish them my genuine address at last.....”

“After that incident, I started to let my staffs stay in few of my occupied apartments and if crashing with those jackals again, I’ll safe then.” He added.

huhh, so smart.”

photo courtesy of bloximages

When I recall what he said, this tycoon even might get himself safely if someone ambushes him but did at a wrong targeted house!!

So, to all my precious readers here : Don’t ever think that your boss is being too kind to you if he presents an apartment for you to stay in!!!

photo courtesy of billiniraq

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