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Saturday, August 6, 2011

- (mirror version) - M a x i s - Story Behind A Billion Profit Company (6th Part of Rampant Lawless Series)

(this is a mirror version, original post at here)

Death is not the most scary part; dying but stuck to let go the last breath is the most regret!! - by Jeff JP 1999.09.09

[Chapter 1]

Few of my buddies have advised me not to pursuit in writing the piece that could drag me suffering, with their good-hearted off course.
With my continuing blogging about to unveil the darkside of the most profitable telecommunication company (telco), the ‘top-seat’ there would have felt very unpleasant and this induces someone desperately to climb up could plot up something to show their ‘worthy royal’ to their master (the ‘top-seat’).
Nobody dares to crash against the most profitable company (off course, it’s perceived as a powerful ‘syndicate’ in collusion).
Who dares to touch a company with hundreds employees, gaining billion of profit and off course, could have linked with some ‘undisclosed background’ either in political or underground world ?” ;

Who’s the idiot dares to report officially any fraud or fault play which hooking up public money ?” ;

Who’s in the authority department dares to probe genuinely into any complaint against certain syndicate whom might had feed his/her superior periodically ?” …..

Off course many of us chosen the decision to [ignore] such a scam which only cheated off our penny of twos; many of us chosen the decision to [ignore] such a complaint which did not prick onto our own skin; many of us chosen the decision to [ignore] those unfortunates whom have nothing related to us.
This [ignore] habitual has pro-long and encourage such the scam which could has rolled off billion dollars of our nation’s hard earnings !! The most damned part is we hearsay that the billion being scammed off might have used to manipulate election result to strengthen their ‘feed-one’ power and eventually pro-long their scams. $15,000,000 or $60,000,000 considered easy money to them if they able to hold their bulwark !

We create awareness, we need your support by just sharing this to everyone you know ~..~

We create awareness, you may do so by just sharing this with everyone you know ~..~

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