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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What has the Government done to Protect us? !! (4th Part of Rampant Lawless Series)

M 。。。。- The Story Behind A Billion Profit Company
by JP


While this country is celebrating its double festive - 54th merdeka (independence) day & 'Hari Raya Aidilfitri' (Muslim festive), joyful & cheerful could be heard everywhere.

I am not here to distort your precious moment. While you are having the great reunion with your beloved family, do you aware that few of them (even your own) might have got ‘stolen’ quietly of your hard earning by certain syndicated and well organized scam ?

While most of your reunion’s talks are grumbling about the bad economy situation, do you know that there are some legal and public listed companies might with ‘some undisclosed background’ gaining billion in profit ?

With my head still in surfing mode of daydreaming, I was living in a country named Matasia. One of my pretty playmate got herself murdered by two shots on her head then body exploded !
The case remains as a hit-chat even the killer faced his justice of being penalized to hang until die, but no much people (at least those other who are not in the court room) ever seen the killer’s face. With some good imagination of Hollywood movie that identity swapping technique widely used to protect ‘in-favoured’ person, who knows that the one to be hung then could be another scapegoat’s body ?

And my head could have still hangover with the faked cognac Louis XIII last night besides the long-lasting daydream now, one of my far-crossed-relative making a complaint to police that he been threatened by 'Ah Long' (loan-shark). An officer thrown him back with this: “Who asked you to borrow from Ah Long?”, further with this: “If everyone goes and borrows money from load shark then makes a complaint here with intention to escape from paying back, then you think we act like a shelter for Ah Long’s borrower !? “

With the officer way of treating to my poor relative, would you think he would continue with officiating his complaint ? ..Damned! These all are cracking my head while I’m feeling too heavy to command my fingers to type on with exploring the ‘darkside’ of cronyism.

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